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Our number one goal is to be an investment to our clients, not an expense. So take a few minutes and answer these questions so we can ensure that working together will be a good fit for both our companies.

Your GoalsTell me a little about why you’re looking to build a new site? What business goals do you have in mind after you get a new site up and running?
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Your BudgetDo you have a budget you’ve set aside for this project, and is it over $3,000?

Great! Our goal is not to use up all of your budget money on this project but to be confident that we are both realistic about the project scope and cost. Most of our projects are in the $3k-4k range depending on the needs. Sometimes it's less and sometimes more. We'll work to build a solution that meets your needs and makes you money in the long run. Remember, we want to be an investment, not an expense, for our clients.

It's great that you have a budget, but if your budget is less than $3,000, then the services Doebank Designs offers might not work for you. Go ahead and finish this form so we can get in touch and see if what we offer is a good fit (we may be able to customize a budget-friendly solution for you!). However, if your budget is firm, and you need a lower cost solution (and you're willing to build and maintain your site yourself), you can check out a more budget-friendly solution such as SquareSpace or Wix.

No budget yet? That's okay. Just be aware that the service Doebank Designs provides is vastly different from the various $10/month website builders available across the web. We are a full-service marketing, custom website design, site management, and consulting company. Finish this form so we can get in touch. We'll help you develop a realistic budget as part of your process.

Project Completion DateWhen are you hoping to have a new site completed?

Project OwnerAre you the person who will be the owner of the project?
Who will be the project owner?
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Other Key PeopleWho are the other key people (if any) we should plan on inviting to the strategic planning session?
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HistoryHave you been through this process before, or is this your first time pursuing a web design for your business?

CommentsIs there anything else you think we need to be aware of before scheduling your strategic planning session?
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