HopeWell Web Design

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HopeWell Counseling Ministry Center old website HopeWell Counseling Ministry Center new website design by Doebank Designs
HopeWell Counseling Ministry Center old business cards and logo HopeWell Counseling Ministry Center new business cards and logo design by Doebank Designs

Project Details

Client HopeWell Equipping & Counseling Center
Location Virginia Beach, Virginia
Date 2015
Link hopewellmin.org

What We Did

As part of a complete rebranding project, we created a whole new website for HopeWell Counseling Center. The new web design gave the site a clean, modern look to complement the new logo. The simple, functional, responsive website portrays the peace and serenity that characterize HopeWell’s work.

The Payoff

HopeWell Equipping and Counseling Center now has a logo and website that convey peace, tranquility, and professionalism. Current clients can find contact information for staff and counselors more easily than ever before. Potential new clients have clear calls to action on every page. As part of our site management efforts, we are monitoring analytics for HopeWell’s new site and making adjustments as needed on a regular basis. HopeWell should see an increase in potential clients. Plus, they don’t have to worry about managing and updating their site anymore!