Website Design for Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Project Details

Client: Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church
Location: Norfolk, Virginia
Date: 2017

What We Did

Christ & St. Luke’s Episcopal Church has a long history in the Ghent area of Norfolk. As a parish with beginnings in the 1630s, the church needs to showcase its history and stability in the community. However, as a vibrant force for good in the city of Norfolk, it is important that the church also demonstrate its value to contemporary society.

We provided a website design that captures both the modern and ancient components of this parish community. We gave them a completely new look and feel as well as a powerful calendar system to help everyone in the community stay current on the opportunities available through the church. This calendar piece is particularly important since Christ & St. Luke’s is one of the most powerful musical centers in the community through its program of Sacred Music in a Sacred Space.

The new design has been well received and will provide an ongoing home on the web for this dynamic congregation and the community it serves.

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