Website Redesign for Clark, Thompson, and Pope

Project Details

Client: Clark, Thompson, and Pope, Attorneys at Law
Location: Portsmouth, Virginia
Date: 2016

What We Did

The partners at Clark, Thompson, and Pope desperately needed to bring their website up to date. They are an excellent, professional law firm helping clients throughout the Hampton Roads area. Their website needed to reflect that professionalism and convey their services clearly. We worked with them to get great new photos of the building and the staff. We designed a fully responsive website that stands out from the crowd and allows them to serve the legal needs of the Hampton Roads area. We made sure the look and feel of their site complemented their professional brand. Additionally, we helped them create a process for capturing leads and receiving communication through their site easily and effectively.

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“I have greatly enjoyed working with Doebank Designs. William and his staff have competently and carefully designed the web page for Thompson & Pope and they make sure we stay on track with our on-line presence. I highly recommend that you contact them if you are looking for website and marketing assistance.”
Ashby Pope

Partner, Thompson and Pope